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The following tips will help you successfully understand the messages in tracing your shipment.

The last status is not the latest.

Sorting a parcel at a parcel center only takes a few hours. If a tracking function shows that a parcel was processed at a certain location, it is probably no longer there and is probably already on its way to the next parcel center. The next status report in the tracking process will not be shown until the parcel arrives at the parcel center. Because it can take a few days before a parcel arrives at the next parcel center, the tracking process is not updated for several days.

How do I track overseas parcels?

We recommend the tracking function of This system bundles the tracking systems of almost all international parcel services. Where parcels are sent across international borders, you can use easily to track a parcel from the sender to the recipient.

You can also use the tracking system on the website of the local parcel service. As long as the parcel is still in the sender's country, use the website of the parcel service located in that country. As soon as the parcel has arrived in the country of destination, you should use the website of the parcel service in that country.

Will my parcel be delivered today?

Some parcel services announce the delivery of a parcel via email. However, this date is usually non-binding. Due to unforeseen events, e.g. too few personnel, a delivery date may be postponed.

This tip will help you see when a parcel is delivered: check the tracking service in the late morning. If the status: "Shipment loaded into delivery vehicle", appears by 11.00 am, it will be delivered that same day. If this status report does not appear by 11.00 am, there is a 95% chance that a parcel will not be delivered that day.

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