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Tricks to get better Customer Service

Before you call a parcel service or fill in the contact form, take a little time to prepare your question or complaint and have any necessary documents ready.

Essentially, it is not worth registering a complaint if a parcel is only a few days late as Customer Service will probably not be able to help you.

If a parcel for delivery within Germany has still not arrived after one week, you can contact Customer Service. In the case of parcels from abroad, you should wait at least two weeks.

In your inquiry, say whether you are the sender or the recipient. Give the date the parcel was sent, the address of the sender and that of the recipient. Find the parcel number.

If you are the sender, you will find the parcel number on the receipt you were given when you sent the parcel. If you have purchased a parcel slip, you will also find the parcel number in the email confirming your order.

If you are the recipient, the sender may have sent you an email confirming that the parcel was sent. Alternatively, you may have received a confirmation of receipt from the parcel service directly. This confirmation gives the parcel number. If you were not given a parcel number, please contact the sender and ask for one.

Not every parcel or shipment can be tracked: letters and small parcels cannot usually be tracked. Exceptions are registered mail and insured parcels. A good rule of thumb is: a parcel which cannot be traced is not insured against loss.

Some parcel services offer a service in which they investigate what has happened to your parcel. Normally only the sender can request this as the sender has paid for the postal costs and hence has a contractual relationship with the parcel service.

If it is not possible to make such enquiries online, ask Customer Service to send you the form. You will then have to describe the contents and value of the parcel. It is important to have proof of purchase for the contents of the parcel. Alternatively, the parcel service will estimate the value of the contents or calculate compensation according to the weight of the parcel.


UPS Customer Service United States: 1-800-742-5877

For international shipping, call 1-800-782-7892

UPS Customer Service at Twitter
UPS Customer Service at Facebook

United States: UPS Contact Information

UPS contact form:

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