Delivery Statuses for UPS Parcels

Here you'll find the meaning of delivery messages from the UPS track & trace system. The following status messages may appear when you send a parcel with UPS.


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UPS has received a change request for this package. The parcel will now be redirected to a new address. This can result in a 1 day delay.

The street number of the recipients address is incorrect or incomplete. UPS will now try to figure out the correct house number. You can help in this case by contacting the UPS customer hotline.

The package was scanned at the entrance of a cargo center. This status does not mean that the parcel has arrived at its final destination. The Arrival Scan can also be occured at an intermediate station (e.g. cargo redistribution centre).

The recipient of the parcel has agreed to pick up the package at a UPS facility (e.g. cargo center). The package must be picked up within 5 days otherwise it will be returned to the sender.

Departure Scan means that your parcel has left the origin region is now on its way to the destination region. The package will probably go through a hub (big cargo centre) of the UPS delivery network.

The data for the parcel was sent electronically to UPS. The parcel has not been physically handed over to UPS. This will be done within the next hours.

The status >Origin Scan< means that your package has been received by UPS and is in transit. The parcel is now processed in a UPS cargo center and will be routed to the destination region.

The Zip Code of the receivers address is incorrect. UPS tries to identify the correct postcode and will then forward the parcel into the appropriate region.

The parcel was not delivered to the intended recipient (e.g. because of non-acceptance) and was sent back to the sender.

UPS has received new address information for this package. The address of the consignee has been corrected. The package will probably be delivered within 1-2 days.

The given address of the recipient is wrong or incomplete. UPS has to correct the address. You can support UPS by contacting the hotline. There may be a delay of 1-2 days.

UPS has made a final attempt to deliver the parcel but the consignee was unavailable. Please contact the UPS customer service as soon as possible to arrange a pickup at a UPS cargo center.

UPS could not deliver the parcel because the intended recipient was not in. Usually the UPS driver will try to deliver the package the next day.

The parcel was not delivered on the second attempt. The UPS delivery driver will make another attempt and tries to deliver the package the next day.

UPS could not deliver the package because the recipient no longer lives at the address mentioned on the address label. UPS tries to figure out the new address of the recipient and will contact the sender.

The parcel has been delivered successfully. The receiver has picked up the package himself at a UPS facility.

The recipient of the package has asked to deliver the package at a future day. UPS will store the package for the next day(s).

The consigner of the parcel has provided a tracer request to UPS. UPS will initiate an investigation to locate the package (if necessary, video recordings are used).

Catching a parcel may be necessary to consolidate separated packages. Usually a delivery intercept has no significant effect on delays.