Delivery Statuses for TNT Parcels

Here you'll find the meaning of delivery messages from the TNT track & trace system. The following status messages may appear when you send a parcel with TNT.


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There is a delay in the transport process. Unfortunately, one can not determine the exact cause for the delay. If there are more than 2 days delay, please contact TNT customer service.

The status >Exception< means that an unforeseen event avoids the delivery of your package. Some examples of status exceptions include a customs delay, no one to accept delivery of your package, etc.

The parcel has to be cleared by customs. Instructions are required by the recipient (e.g. sending documents or a payment to the customs officer).

The parcel was loaded onto a TNT van and it will be delivered today.

The parcel was damaged during the transport (eg by being dropped). TNT has repacked the package. As a recipient, you should check whether the package is delivered in good condition.

The parcel was picked up by a TNT delivery driver. The delivery driver stores the package in his vehicle. Unloading will be done in the evening at a TNT cargo center.

The parcel was delivered to the intended recipient or a person in the same household or a neighbour.

The parcel is transported into the destination region. The package is on its way (either by air or truck).

The package was scanned at a TNT cargo center in the receivers area. This status does not mean that the parcel is on the way to the receiver.

The package has been received by TNT and is now in transit. The parcel is processed in a TNT cargo center (depot) and will be transported to the destination region.

The parcel was scanned at an intermediate station. The package will now be consolidated with packages from other senders and regions. Within the next hours your parcel will be automatically sorted and routed to the destination area.

The parcel was rerouted by the request of the sender or recipient. This may cause 1-2 days delay in the transport process.